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Mit einem Lächeln soll es in die lange Winterpause gehen – auch für Tim Walter.

Swimming, home win, USA: This is how the HSV weekend should go before the break

Tim Walter was absolutely right in his words, even the match against Sandhausen does not go beyond this rule: “There is a maximum of three points, you have to accept that,” said the coach. As for the yield in the table, this is undoubtedly true. But Saturday HSV is more than that.

Eleven weeks of relaxation, this is how Rothosen imagines the XXL winter vacation. Greetings from a place of promotion after the first half of the season, that’s what they have in mind. In order to realize this dream without relying on the results of the chasers, HSV needs to beat SVS. Significantly better performance From the past against Forth (0:1).

„Wir wollen einen guten Abschluss haben und gewinnen“, sprach Walter das Credo aus und rechnete vor: „Dann haben wir einen Schnitt von zwei Punkten.” Und das, meint der 47-Jrrährige, wür „Dievird bedeuhr a lock”.

Victory must complete the assessment of Boldt and Walter

Such a half-time balance, with it rounding up to three at the end of the year, will also be important to Walter in regards to upcoming decisions for the future. Maybe still in november The Supervisory Board wants to assess the first half of the season and assess the work of Walter and sporting director Jonas Boldt..

The fact that his contract, like that of his manager, expires next summer and that “nobody” spoke to him about the extension, does not bother the coach, according to his statement. Walter stresses that he only thinks of his team and what is happening on the pitch.

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The next eleven weeks should be more relaxed for the coach if HSV scores three points there, on the field, on Saturday. Volkspark will once again be filled with over 54,000 spectators, so it’s also about feeling good for fans during and after the World Cup.

HSV: to wake up “to the pool”

In short: this game has a slightly different situation somewhere. For this reason, the herpes simplex virus is advised to avoid another early target. “Saturday morning we go to the pool, throw them all into the water and then they wake up,” Walter joked.

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Don’t oversleep, that’s also Sunday’s mantra. HSV takes off from Fuhlsbüttel at 7.30 am. The USA Tour marks the start of the mandatory game break that runs through the end of January. Three points the day before and 11 weeks can be very comfortable.