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Sweet confession!  Valentin Lucien, Valentina moved me to tears

Sweet confession! Valentin Lucien, Valentina moved me to tears>Broadcast>

These words go straight to the heart!

Valentina Bahdi She reached the Grand Final at Let’s Dance. He was always by her side: dance partner Valentine. He took care of them together Not just every week for a new dance sensation, But they also became good friends in private. After the two won another full 30 points in the Grand Final with their favorite dance, the Viennese waltz, it was Valentine and directed highly emotional words to Valentina. You can see in the video the reason for crying after that.

Valentine Lucien’s hymn to dance partner Valentina

Valentine is simply very grateful for the amazing time he spent with Valentina at “Let’s Dane” in 2021. That’s why he just wants to say thank you and after they dance together he takes the word: “I noticed how passionate she is. I want to thank you. You’re emotional and disciplined. I have time. Let’s dance.” “In my life.” After these words, Valentina can only break the dams.

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