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Swedish general election - PM Andersson resigns after Conservative victory - News

Swedish general election – PM Andersson resigns after Conservative victory – News


An extra seat for the right camp thanks to the Swedish Democrats. Left-wing Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson resigns.

A race with a better outcome for the bourgeoisie: This has become a reality three days after the parliamentary elections in Sweden. The camp, made up of moderates and democratic populists from Sweden, and Christian Democrats and liberals, won only one seat ahead of the left-wing bloc that ruled in the past.

Anderson resigns

The SPD is clearly the strongest party in Parliament, but Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson announced her resignation on Wednesday night.

This is a tiny majority, but it’s a majority

For Sweden, it is important for the country to get a new government as soon as possible. “It’s a tiny majority, but it’s a majority” and as a result she will tender her resignation on Thursday, Anderson explains.


Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson announced her resignation in Stockholm on Wednesday evening.

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In the new parliament, the camp of former conservative opposition leader Ulf Christerson will get 175 seats, while the former red-green government party will get 174 seats. The right-wing majority comes thanks to the Swedish Democrats, who have managed to make huge gains.

Right-wing populists are on their way to victory

It is clear that the right-wing populist Swedish Democrats, who make up 20 percent of the largest proportion of the right-wing camp, will play a very important role in the new balance of power, Northern Europe correspondent Bruno Kaufmann says in a preliminary assessment.

The path of the Democrats in Sweden

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The reasons for the Swedish Democrats’ success are complex: for a long time, the party, founded in 1989, was the only force that opposed Sweden’s membership in the European Union and was always highly critical of immigration. At the same time, the party, with its neo-Nazi roots, was disqualified when it entered Parliament in 2006.

He was only able to build continuously but slowly, and now he addressed the core electors of other parties on many subjects. Both Social Democrats and conservative businessmen are now increasingly voting for the Sweden Democrats.

For the first time in 50 years, the Conservatives are no longer the second largest party after the Social Democrats. Then there are the Christian Democrats and the Liberals. However, according to Kaufman, there is a clear area of ​​tension already emerging here. Because the Liberals will only cooperate if the Swedish Democrats are not directly involved in government.

Sweden Democrats balloons.


Ballone of the Sweden Democrats – Sverigedemokraterna – on September 11, 2022 during the general election in Stockholm.

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Sweden before the change of government

As far as the future formation of the government is concerned, the content of the four parties involved is completely different. But they will find each other quickly when it comes to campaign issues. For example, in the fight against crime with stiffer penalties and more police officers. Agreement was also reached on energy issues, particularly in light of the energy crisis, the goal being to increase reliance on nuclear energy.

However, according to Kaufman, great tension is inevitable when it comes to many social and foreign policy issues. Above all, the Swedish Liberals and Democrats have always been two opposing poles for years. “If a member of the Swedish Liberals or Democrats loses his temper when the mandate is distributed, the majority will disappear again,” Kaufmann says.

If Conservative Party leader Ulf Christerson succeeds in forging a coalition, Sweden is clearly facing a tipping point from the center-left to the right. This has never happened before.

Kaufmann estimates that Sweden will continue to struggle with the powerful Swedish Democrats. After all, nearly 80 percent of Swedes still don’t vote for right-wing populism. If conservative party leader Ulf Christerson succeeds in putting together an effective coalition, Sweden faces a political turning point: from the center left to the outright right. This has never happened before.