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Sweden vs Spain is not live on TV

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from: Niels Wallenschlager

Stockholm – The match for third place at the 2023 World Handball Championship will take place on Sunday. So you can follow the duel between Spain and Sweden live.

The last big day in Handball World Cup! Final decisions will be made at the World Cup on Sunday (29 January). before the big evening World Cup Final France vs Denmark The match for third place will be played at 6 pm in Stockholm. Spain meets host Sweden.

Third place match in the World Handball Championship: Spain meets Sweden

the The Spaniards reached the semi-finals against defending champions Denmark European champion failed Sweden is surprisingly clear against France’s DHB-Schreck in front of their home fans Lost. Now the two big handball nations have “only” the final mini game. A year ago, Sweden and Spain faced each other in the final of the 2022 European Handball Championship. At that time, the Swedes prevailed in the seven-meter throw.

This will already take place in Stockholm at 1 pm Match for fifth place between Germany and Norway instead of. The DHB game will be broadcast live on ZDF. By the way, the match for seventh place will be played by Egypt and Hungary. The game is scheduled for 3:30 PM on Sunday.

Match for third place in the World Handball Championship: Sweden vs Spain live in the broadcast

However, the match for third place between Spain and Sweden will not be shown on free TV. Eurosport The finale is only shown live on Sundays.

The only way to watch the Spain vs Sweden match live is through a paid sports streaming service Sportdeutscht.TV, who acquired the rights to all matches of the World Handball Championship in the run-up to the tournament. You can book the game for third place individually or get a tournament card. The live broadcast begins at 5:45 p.m. (nwo)