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Sven Thorau remains in first place in the German Bundesliga

Sven Thorau remains in first place in the German Bundesliga

There were two important races coming up for Team Sportforum. First, Bottner drove the car in Switzerland, and then went to Holland.

(NGZ) While the German championships set records on the local Olympic road, the Büttgener Sportforum team faced a challenge in the National Cycling League. In Gippingen, Switzerland, drivers had to prove their skills at a distance of about 150 kilometers and 2500 meters in altitude. “The race was controlled at first, but it’s still fast,” said team principal Lars Witt. “From lap four onwards, the gas really kicked in, so that a few groups quickly formed.” The field of drivers was led by a group of about 20 people, and Felix Dirking was also represented. In the pursuit group, Sven Thorau from Neuss continued. In the final race, Felix Dirking finally managed to take seventh place. Sven Thorau finished 18th and was able to defend his main jersey as the best amateur driver in the Bundesliga.

Immediately after the race, people from Büttgen went to Holland, where they had to deal with the demands of “Ronde van Limburg”. Almost 200 kilometers and a height of about 1200 meters had to be mastered. “On the first straight climb, five riders managed to get away, then the pace of the race slowed down a bit,” Thoraw said. “Sometimes the individual drivers tried to get away during the race, but that didn’t work.” “In the final, our core team started the work as a whole and was able to close the gap to the lead group,” Witt says. The Sportforum team was also attentive to counterattacks. In the final race Julius Domenech, who is striving for the leader’s jersey as the best amateur driver in the Dutch Grand Prix, was unlucky and finished 16th, however, Team Sportforum and Lars Witte fully satisfied with the results. “It was a long and hard weekend for the boys, but overall we had a lot of success,” he concluded. “Sven Thorau was able to defend his captain’s jersey as the best amateur driver in the German league and in the overall standings we were the best amateur team on Saturday. Although Julius did not manage to get the leader’s jersey as the best amateur rider in the best Dutch competition, we will continue striving to achieve this goal.