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SV 13 Gladbeck: Niko Freese chooses the path across the USA

SV 13 Gladbeck: Niko Freese chooses the path across the USA

Your flagellant.
Yannick Blasel and Nicole Mayer showed the way. And now Niko Freese from SV 13 Gladbeck dares to jump across the pond to the United States

After Yannick Blasel and Nicole Meyer, another swimmer, Nico Friese, made a date SV 13 Gladbeck I decided to combine study and swimming in the United States.

After Niko has been contacted by several universities since the end of 2019, the high school graduate decided to go to “Florida Southern College” in Lakeland Florida. He’s been in the States since the end of August and had to realize that with his majors in chemistry and general engineering plus ten training sessions a week, he didn’t have much time to explore his new home.

SV 13 Gladbeck’s Niko Freese has a full program in the USA

The international swimming team welcomed him warmly and enjoyed life on campus. In mid-December, Nico Friese will return to Germany for two weeks to celebrate Christmas with his family.

There is no time left because then the preparations for the Conference Championship begin and Friese will also try to qualify for the National Championships. The situation will only become calmer in May 2022 when he returns to Germany for three months during his “summer break”.

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