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Surprise Guest from Australia – Sports

You can separate the superfluous things, which is why one day I got a particular Seok Ha-jungle table tennis jersey. Implicitly discarded, somehow discarded, however, the helmut file never found it again. Not many memories are attached to this textile piece, but a small, fun one, though or more accurately Seok did not wear this TSV Swabusen jersey on his back. Strictly speaking, this would have been an interesting rare event for an online auction.

“It should be a form of life insurance for us,” recalled Swaphausan’s department head, File, in 2010, shortly after his promotion to the first Bundesliga. “But then we don’t need them.” Seok would not have had a bad life insurance policy, after all, the South Korean was ranked twelfth in the world that season. After that she took no action, leaving a new jersey, the same story that Pfeil now remembers: how he sat on the stand at the German Open in Dortmund, immediately behind an Asian woman he did not know. Seok Ha-Jung reveals when she gets up, takes off her training jacket and disappears – and the arrow can’t say anyway, at first hello, Seok doesn’t speak a word of English because he’s the president of his new club, Feel doesn’t speak Korean.

Anyway, a new, black and blue swabousen jersey appeared at Heinrich-Lடர்der-Halle last Sunday. “Y. LIU” was written in white letters on the back. The best thing about it: the unknown player was comfortably already there and had a scam in her hand.

Against the sun, Liu mentions that he is not in the wrong first place

“I did not expect them to work either,” said TSV coach Alexander Yahmet, but of course he did not defend himself against it. Liu Yangxi, who has been in the club’s rankings from the Dachau district since the start of the season, will be one of the most consistent Bundesliga players for many years, as Sabine Winter has always been. Shortly before the end of the transition period, Pfeil announced the change, and coach Yahmet insisted that the new side should be on the safe side of not knowing if it would ever be used. South Korea had almost the same word with Seok. But Liu, 19, is no longer an illusion, he was standing at the table chatting, laughing, and was a bit nervous – and won two singles on the way to a 6-2 win over ESV Veil.

Protesters did not expect this young man to be used so soon that he would appear against all the people. This probability is not large for a Chinese woman living in Australia, which is only somewhat closer to Swabousen than Weil am Rhine. “We are lucky he is playing in some matches in Europe now because he needs points for Australia,” Yahmet said. Liu is ranked 400th in the world because he has not yet played internationally, but he is not entirely unfairly ranked first, before winter, the current number 117 and the former number 36 in the world, you can see. . “My expectations were high and they were not disappointed,” Yahmet said. He attested to a lot of overlay and “good touch” – and no weak point to identify. “He makes our team very strong.”

Anyway, there was still unfinished business with the guests – not least for Sabine Winter who was in good condition.

A lot happened in Liu’s appearance. The 19-year-old girl caught in her premiere was no enemy – even though she knew nothing about it. Against the sun, Swabusen was knocked out unexpectedly in the playoff quarterfinals, and despite Yahmet’s warnings, the favorite was not ready for such resistance. Winter, not beaten in the league until then, lost three times to Bulgarian Polina Trifonova. So there was one unfinished career. Pfeil also realized how seriously the team took this. The head of the department had invited political guests to pay his respects to Winter, who had long gone through a small decline in form and later became the German champion in the doubles and, above all, the European champion with the team. But then the players were asked to postpone the award from the start of the game until the break so as not to disturb the preparation. Not just because of the old account – “This is a four-point game,” coach Yahmet promised. You want to go back to the playoffs.

In singles and doubles, the coach used six men instead of four, thus satisfying everyone, but not necessarily providing a strong design, but it was enough – especially with two very solid three-set wins against Winter Tryphonova. Isabella Lubulescu. “It’s back in a completely different form,” Yahmet explained. Elizabeth Samara, 29, defeated the 2015 individual European champion three weeks ago in the European Championship final against Romania.

With Liu Yangxi, the team now has completely different options, but there is uncertainty: will the Native Chinese, who played in international matches for Portugal before moving to Australia, be in Europe in the future, and how will it fit in with Swabushan. Sports dates are hard to schedule for the club. “I hope she plays often,” Yahmet says vaguely. After all, he had already opened his jersey. And she speaks English very well.