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supposed deception.  An American woman takes Ricola to court in a class action lawsuit

supposed deception. An American woman takes Ricola to court in a class action lawsuit

Ricola employs about 500 people, 430 of whom work at Leuven BL.


Class action lawsuit against Ricola in the USA: Although the candy, like the American competition, achieves its effect using menthol, the Swiss advertise alpine herbs on the packaging. According to the plaintiff, this is misleading.

Ricola is deceiving customers in the US, according to Iowa and Illinois prosecutors who want to take the allegations to court. The reason: Although Ricola advertises Swiss herbs, only the menthol component is responsible for the effect. So emulsions are no different from American products, which tempt American customers to buy the more expensive Swiss product.

This is the gist of the class action lawsuits filed on May 8 in Iowa and Illinois. In Iowa, plaintiff Lacey Davis and her attorney Spencer Sheehan have the relevant documents DeliveredConsumers expect by looking at the front of a product that its antitussive and oral pain reliever effects are due to its herbal ingredients.

Ricola means Richterich Compagnie Laufen: The company is still owned by the Richterich family today.


But: “It is wrong, deceptive, and misleading to say or suggest that the inactive ingredients of a product provide any therapeutic benefit.” The competition has similar products, but ‘only the product [Ricola] It conveys the message that “herbal ingredients” actually deliver the effects that menthol does.

In Illinois, Amy Comfort of Steuben County, New York State, is pushing the lawsuit. here The pandemic, he adds, “has led to an increased demand for consumer products that contain herbal ingredients and provide more protection against this disease.” On the other hand, the competition refers only to the menthol component, which is why the Swiss deceive customers.

Five million dollars in dispute

Prosecutors are seeking $5 million in damages from Ricola. The amount was deliberately chosen so that no significant authority would take over. Or not 2019 Ricola has been brought to court to advertise its product as “naturally sedative”. Wealth soldiers, and above all their lawyers, frequently take legal action against companies in order to take money out of their pockets.

They are suing ginger ale, which is said to contain no ginger, or mint, which is said to have a lot of air. The number of such cases is increasing: in 2008 there were only 19 lawsuits due to misleading claims about the product. In 2019, there were 179, 2020, 221, and 202,325 lawsuits: “Courts are slowly starting to lose patience with cases that assume consumers are stupid,” he said. Daily Gazette and the law firm of Perkins Cole.

“In my opinion, it’s all about getting into the deep pockets,” food expert Roger Clemens said according to “Tages-Anzeiger” regarding the issue. Plaintiffs usually see little money in settlements, which are often concluded – unlike lawyers who will represent them and collect the bulk of the settlement amount.