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Supercells, heavy rain, hail: Storms keep raging – then heat returns – Meteorology

But the strength of a thunderstorm is decreasing more and more. However, heavy rains, such as a storm, remain a problem.

Stormy until Thursday

The series of thunderstorms in the south continues until Thursday. On Monday and Tuesday, there is still hail and storms, but in general the intensity of thunderstorms decreases from day to day. On Wednesday it is dry almost everywhere, only in the far south come a few thunderstorms from the Alps.

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As of the middle of the week, cold air from the North Sea covers all of Germany. On Thursday and Friday, the warm air in the south will be blown away. This can lead to strong storms again.

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Heavy rain: up to 100 liters this week

Heavy rains are especially dangerous in the south. Here, weather models are forecasting a limit of 100 liters per square meter this week.

Thunderstorms can be very localized. But when heavy rain declares itself, floods are expected again. The danger zone extends to the low mountain range north of Main. However, it is as good as the drought in the north.

Rain protection on the go

Robes, suits, jackets and pants for protection from rain

The severe thunderstorm in the south continues late into the night at least until 11 p.m. But from the Thuringian Forest onwards, thunderstorms slowly subside. This does not mean that nothing can happen anymore, but that the peak of the thunderstorm will pass after that.

Another heat wave next week

Weather models have not yet fully agreed on the further development of weather in June. But one thing is already clear: The hottest phase of June is already over. It cannot be ruled out that warm air will return to Germany again next Monday and that temperatures will rise again around 30 degrees. It’s not confirmed yet. The weather can also be relatively cold. Then “only” 25° peak values ​​are possible.