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Super Rush has finally delivered another good sports game to Nintendo

Super Rush has finally delivered another good sports game to Nintendo

Mario Golf: Super Rush even has its own story mode.


It seems that sports are not on Nintendo’s priority list anymore. This would suit them well, as the latest golf simulation about Mario & Co. shows.

When it comes to action, Nintendo has always been visionary and creative. Regardless of whether it’s “Wii Sports,” Zumba dances or fitness challenges with “Ring Fit Adventure”: this is where players move around and may lose a few pounds.

On the other hand, in the recent past, people have stopped a bit of mathematical simulation. Sure, Mario Kart is still sham and arguably one of the best Nintendo games of all time. And of course there are also well-known franchises like “FIFA” for the Nintendo Switch. But you have to come back for longer to enjoy truly great sports games from Nintendo. The sports simulation “Mario Golf: Super Rush” wants to change that now.

Take your legs in your hand

At first glance, everything looks very similar to what you’re used to from previous Mario Golf games. The strokes are not very simple and not very complex. If you have good timing, you will have a clear advantage, although you must take into account the speed of the terrain and wind, especially when approaching hits and hitting strokes.

But the real fun often happens between hits. Where you used to be “carried” to the next tee, you are now running across the entire golf course. On your way to collect coins and hearts to renew your stamina and try to push your opponents away from time to time. Because it’s not always just about the number of strokes required, it’s also about the time as well.

Putting the story as a perfect introduction

Using this mechanism, the developers have been able to integrate the strengths of Mario games into the latest golf adventures in a relatively simple way, and have combined everything with a really interesting story mode.

So you can create your own avatar at first, with which you slowly make your way to the golf elite. With each level increase, individual attributes can also be increased, as it is not only about maximum strength when taking off, but also about endurance and running skills. These are all more important if you even have to complete different boss fights against Wario or Waluigi in the course of the game.

Your golf champion has different skills.
Your golf champion has different skills.


Golf will never be the same again

Those who have gained enough experience in lanes, bunkers and greens can also compete with friends or opponents online in multiplayer mode. There are six round courses to choose from and you can choose from 16 ready-made golf characters.

Optionally, you can also switch to the classic golf simulator and do without the small medium sprints. But once you find the fun with little body scans and bumps, you won’t want to know anymore.