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Super League: Servette magical Kastriot Imeri before moving to YB

Missing medical examination

Servette Imeri star before signing with YB!

YB instead of Bruges. According to Blick’s information, Kastriot Imeri (22 years old) is about to move to Wankdorf. and give up money.

The man is an asset to the Premier League. And he’s likely to stay in the league for a while: Castriot Emery, a 22-year-old magician from Geneva, is on the cusp of a move to Young Boys in Bern. According to Blick’s information, Emery is expected to undergo a medical examination in the capital on Tuesday.

It is said that Christoph Speicher as well as Steve von Bergen and Raphael Wiki have put in a lot of effort and convinced the talented technician to move to Wankdorf.