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Super GV Beaver Creek - Marco Odermatt wins 6th World Cup thanks to great driving - sport

Super GV Beaver Creek – Marco Odermatt wins 6th World Cup thanks to great driving – sport


Thanks to an irresistible performance in the first Super G of the season, Nidwalden’s Marco Odermatt won by a large margin.


  • 1. Marco Odermatt (Switzerland) 1: 08,61
  • 2. Matthias Meyer (AUT) + 0.78
  • 3. Broderick Thompson (CAN) + 0.95

Marco Odermatt hit again in his favorite discipline. With great leadership, Nidwalden’s Nidwalden clearly put all his rivals in place at Beaver Creek and triumphed in their first Super-G of the season. For the 24-year-old, this is his sixth World Cup victory, which he celebrated two years ago on the same slope.

No one else has brought the flight to its destination as cleanly as Udermatt. Austrian Matthias Maier, second, lost 78 percent to Canadian Udermatt Broderick Thompson in just under a second. The latter was still on the podium at number 35, thus taking his first 3 World Cup places at the age of 27.

Alexis Pintorault, the overall World Cup winner, was 1.13 seconds behind and finished sixth. In the big crystal ball battle, Udermatt, and last year’s runner-up, currently appears to be in the lead.

The other Swiss

  • 8. Justin Moriser +1,26
  • 10. Gino Caviezel +1.39
  • 12. Stefan Rogentin and Pete Fuse +1.52
  • 16. Urs Krähenbühl +1.80
  • 19. Thomas Tomler +1.95
  • 21- Ralph Weber +2,05
  • 30. Nils Hintermann + 2.60
  • 33. Loïc Meillard +2.82.40

The second-best Swiss player was Justin Maurizier in eighth, and he had the second best career result in the field. The Valais stunned just as much as Gino Caviezel (10th) with a strong run. Pete Fuse, who finished third in last week’s downhill at Lake Louise, finished 12th in equity with fellow countryman Stephan Rogentin.

Urs Krähenbühl celebrated his successful comeback. The man from Schwyz, who had a serious crash in Kitzbühel in January, was already stylish again and finished 16th.

Many failures

Raptors have faced some riders with great, sometimes very significant challenges. The first players Mathieu Bailet (France) and Dominique Paris (ITA) retired early, after which some remained with his problems. A total of eight top athletes, including Alexander Kelde and Max Franz (AUT), did not make it to the finish.

So it continues

During the intense Beaver Creek weekend, there are three more men’s races over the next three days. A second Super-G race follows on Friday (6:45 p.m.), and on Saturday (7:00 p.m.) and Sunday (8:00 p.m.) there will be two stages.