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Super dealer Paco Steinbeck clears up Iris Klein’s love rumors

Super dealer Paco Steinbeck clears up Iris Klein’s love rumors

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from: Sarah Walzen

Paco Steinbeck is said to be the new man on Iris Klein’s side. Now the “super trader” is commenting on the rumors for the first time.

GESSIN / MALLORCA – Iris Klein, 56, can finally laugh again. After splitting from her (still) husband Peter, 56, it appears she has now found her happiness in love. But the mother of Daniela Katzenberger, 36, is keeping the identity of her new partner a secret.

Who is the new guy on Iris Cline’s side?

After more than 20 years, Iris and Peter Klein divorced at the beginning of the year after he fell in love with actress Yvonne Wolkie, 41. On Instagram, Iris shared their love with over 524,000 followers and is now sharing her happiness with her community again. Everyone should see how much the 56-year-old is enjoying her life again. On her side: the mysterious “Mr. T” — of course the rumors are starting to swirl now. Who is the man who makes Iris shine again and gives her a huge bouquet of red roses for her birthday?

“Super Dealer” Paco Steinbeck (48) is very circulating in this context, after all he was also present at Iris’s birthday party at the Megapark in Mallorca. But he does not want to know anything about his relationship with Katzenberger’s mother.

Paco Steinbeck next to Iris Klein
Paco Steinbeck doesn’t want to know anything about his affair with Iris Klein © IMAGO / Gartner & Instagram: iris_klein_mama_

Paco Steinbeck is appalled by rumors of love with Iris Klein

Paco revealed to that he was “shocked by all the headlines” announcing he was Iris Klein’s new boyfriend. For the antique dealer, starting something with her is out of the question: “I don’t know Iris at all. I don’t even follow them. I immediately denied it because nothing would ever happen to her!”

Iris Cline – More Than Just “Umm…”

Iris Klein is sick of being called a “mom…”. After all, the mother of Daniela Katzenberger and Jenny Frankhauser can look back on an eventful career in reality television. These are the highlights of her life on her show: “Big Brother” (2010), “I’m a star – get me out of here!” (2013), “Celebrity Shopping Queen” (2013), “The Summer House of Stars – Celebrity Couples Fight” (2020), “Reality Stars Festival – Whose Candle is the Lightest?” (2021), “Reality Stars Battle – Shipwreck On Dream Beach” (2022).

But then why was he seen at her birthday party? Sandy Fache, boyfriend of Paco Steinbeck, 38, explains his invitation spontaneously. There wasn’t a big party anyway. Except for Iris, her manager, and her two friends, no one was there. “She has 500,000 followers, but maybe only three friends,” exasperates the retailer.

So who is Iris’ new boyfriend remains a mystery for the time being. However, a few of Iris’ Tinder dates have spoken publicly and revealed just how desperate she was to meet. Sources used: