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Todesfeldes Rafael Krause (r.) entwischt dem Reinfelder Alaa Nader.

Sunday’s ‘Fighting Game’: Todesfelde appeared as a guest at the Prussian Arena

After two home games at the Krummesser Exile, SVP is allowed to play another home game at its own sports facility this weekend. The grass field – a constant theme at Rheinfeld – became unplayable due to weather conditions and the infestation of birds, so Stormarner played two games at home on Krummesser SV’s artificial turf. After all, both games were won. However, the Prussians are happy that they can play on their home soil again. From an economic point of view, everything was done for a “real” home game. The lawn was rolled and mowed again on Friday. It must remain deep.


This should not benefit either side. Reinfeld and Todesfelde both completed almost the entire preparation of the artificial turf. It’s the first game on natural lawn for both of them in 2022. “We know the condition of Reinfeldt Park and assume it’s going to be very deep. Technically, the game shouldn’t take place at a high level. Team boss Toff suspects it will be a fighting game.” sven tram.

Blue and Yellow won the first leg in Todesfield 2-0. In January, they tested each other again (3:1 for SVT). “I really liked Renfield. Their results so far are not a surprise. They have a homogeneous squad that shows as a character. In addition, they have good players like Christophe RonauWho are always good for goals. On Sundays we have to retreat, but we also want to put our own accents,” emphasizes Tramer, referring to the captain. Luca Sixtus (Ankle) Substitute goalkeeper Luke Benner (Achilles tendon), Yannick Shomon (advanced training) and Arne Butcher (Ankle) must be dispensed with.

The Prussians must also replace their captain. Patrick Ellenberger Serves a yellow card suspension. To take his place on the double six next to Nikita Boyarinov fight the little ones Louis Michelet (19) and Dominic Muller (19). also strong Paul Trechel (23) is an option after the return. “It will be important to block the very good diagonal balls from Todesfelde. Their standards are also real firebombs, ”warns the SVP coach Pascal Lorenzwho was on a B license course in Bad Malente during the week.

The current fourth place in the table gives the Prussians a boost and gives them a psychological advantage. “Now we are the chasers, and we have a wide chest. You have to beat us first. We play well up front and defend well in the back line. Of course, the goal of the players is to keep their position,” emphasizes Lorenz, who works alongside Ellenberger. Lacey Chechel (ankle) and Philip Busbach (until the end of March in Salzburg).