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Sunday Chasers in America

Sunday Chasers in America

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Biathlon: Ingrid Landmark Dantrevold (front) leads the overall World Cup. © Image Alliance/dpa/NTB | Terje Bendixby

The 2023/24 Biathlon World Cup continues on Sunday. There are two series of races in the United States. is on live ticker today.

Soldier Hollow – The The Biathlon World Cup has concluded in the United States On Sunday. First, the women start at 5 pm, followed by the men at 6:50 pm. There is Today on biathlon live ticker included.

The program for the 2023/24 Biathlon World Cup has four individual races per gender. Followers begin in American Soldier Hollow. The Races are based on the results of sprints.

Biathlon today in live ticker: Excitement at peak, with DSV women far behind

Go with the girls Five German athletes at the start. But a podium finish is unlikely. Selina Croatian (1:38 minutes back) is the most promising DSV woman with four shooting events in the race over 10 kilometers. Janina Hettich-Walz (+2:00), Vanessa Voigt (+2:35), Julia Kink (+2:45) and Sophia Schneider (+3:01) are further behind.

The focus is on the struggle for Overall World Cup, The Leading the way is Norway's Ingrid Landmark Dantrevold. She is 89 points ahead of French player Justine Bryzas-Pouchet. You get 90 points per win. Bryzas-Pouchet won Friday's sprint to open the chase at Soldier Hollow and should put pressure on Dantrevold to win the big Crystal Globe. Tandrevold starts second Click here for the starter list

Biathlon today on live ticker: Po brothers battle for big ball

For men, fight Overall ranking in the spirit of the Bo brothers. Johannes Thingnes leads the World Cup ahead of his brother Darjee. The younger Bo is 47 points ahead of the older Bo. Norwegian compatriots Johannes Dale-Skjevdahl and Sturla Holm Lagerritt still have a chance, but the gap is already relatively large.

Six German athletes will compete in the 12.5km race. Johannes Cohn (+33s) and Philipp Horn (+45) have good starting positions.. Justus Strelow (+ 57) is also within striking distance. Danilo Riethmüller (+ 1:17), Philipp Nawrath (+ 1:25) and Benedikt Doll (+ 1:30) are already significantly behind.

Young Frenchman Eric Perot won Saturday's sprint in stunning fashion. He will start the race ahead of his compatriot Emilion Jacqueline. Tarjei Boe sixth, Johannes Thingnes Boe 17th. The gaps are small and we can look forward to an exciting race. Click here for the starter list

Races in the World Cup at Soldier Hollow Part of the official World Cup. The races will be held as part of the calendar for the 23/24 season. All results are included in the overall rankings for both women and men. reports all races of the Biathlon World Cup in a live ticker.