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Summer season: Almost all British Airways' Airbus A380s are back in the air

Summer season: Almost all British Airways’ Airbus A380s are back in the air

The airline is working to increase the number of destinations served by the Airbus A380. So almost all British Airways jumbo jets will fly again in the summer.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, British Airways acted quickly. The airline has grounded and stored its Airbus A380s In French, Châteaurou. Then the super jumbo later moved to Madrid.

While other operators have said goodbye to super jumbo forever during this phase, the British have announced that they will reactivate it once demand rises again. It happened in November 2021 when British Airways has returned five Airbus A380s to service elusive.

Unlike Lufthansa

The airline is now using nine out of twelve aircraft again. They travel to Boston, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, Washington, Vancouver and sometimes to Dubai. This will soon be followed by Dallas/Fort Worth and Johannesburg. Another A380 has recently been operated in this regard.

This means British Airways will operate ten Airbus A380s again this summer. One machine is still in Madrid and the other is being maintained in Manila. On the other hand wants Lufthansa no longer uses super jumbo, but leaves the choice Open to temporarily reactivate some copies in the event of a jump in demand.