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Summer Game Fest 2022

Summer Fest 2022 – what can we expect

There is no E3 this year. So what event is filling the gaming news void? Don’t worry, Geoff Keighley and Summer Game Fest are here to the rescue. But we shouldn’t expect too much from premieres this year, the host warns.

How and where can I watch the Summer Fest 2022 game?

The Summer Games Festival is being held for the third time this year. This Thursday at 20:00 it’s time. The show is scheduled to last about two hours. You can up YoutubeAnd the Twitter or even Twitter Be there live. Our team will also organize the event On the Twitch channel costream.

What can we expect?

Jeff Kelly previously confirmed that expectations remain rather low. Admits that this year the number of ‘world premieres’ has not been as many Unlike that Come. It’ll still be good, but the focus will be on the titles we’ve already seen. But maybe she has one or another sausage?

Various games appear in a short promotional ad. Some publishers have already confirmed which titles will be included in the Summer Games Festival. Confirmed titles include:

  • Honkai: Star Rail, a strategy RPG by HoYoverse (Genshin Impact)
  • One Piece Odyssey, the JRPG of the famous pirate anime
  • Fortnite, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will be himself on stage

And you can hope for different things. For example in the news about the new title of Bethesda Starfield. Or maybe Skate 4? The possibilities are endless. We don’t get our hopes up too much. Be there when we respond to the live stream for the 2022 Summer Games on Thursday.

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