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Summary of the trip to the USA - the local economy: "The future lies in innovation"

Summary of the trip to the USA – the local economy: “The future lies in innovation”

A week after returning from their one-week trip to the United States with the delegation of Lower Austria, the business representatives are drawing lessons from their impressions of Austin, Denver and San Francisco.

“The future lies in innovation,” says Christian Moser, Vice President of WKNÖ. It is important to create an environment where young entrepreneurs can raise money for their startups. “Often we are very suspicious,” Moser says, speaking of the lack of a culture of failure in Austria. In America there is much more confidence.

“You are not judged there if a vision or a project fails. On the contrary, the attitude is: ‘Get up and keep experimenting!’” adds WKNÖ Vice President Nina Stift. It is also clear that the joy in the staff’s work is remarkable. “Everything has been,” says Stift. Whoever gave us information about the company in question and gave us a better understanding of it was full of pride to work there.” In addition, there is the necessary networking between science and business at a low level. “This is just as important as communication between entrepreneurs,” Moser says.

One result of the trip was that Lower Austria was generally on the right track. “We can say with confidence that others cook only with water and that the steps taken by the state of Lower Austria in the areas of digitization, mobility, energy efficiency and innovative energy storage are absolutely correct.

Activities in the United States are much larger, backed by more capital and often offered perfectly. However, we are on the right track when it comes to identifying themes,” emphasizes Helmut Mernecke, Managing Director of the lower Austrian business agency, Eco Plus.