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Suez Acquisition: Great Britain whistle blows

French waste disposal company Veolia plans to acquire its rival Suez. Great Britain expresses competition concerns.

Briefly essential

  • Waste disposal company Veolia plans to capture rival Suez.
  • The UK will not accept the deal for competitive reasons.

French Waste Disposal Company Veolia plans to capture rival Suez. England However, according to a report by “”, there are concerns about the deal. The EU And the United States had already approved the acquisition.

The UK Competition and Markets Commission (CMA) raised competitive concerns in the waste and water markets in a statement on Thursday. Companies have until June 2 to respond. The final decision is expected in mid-July.

After the first attempt in 2012 Desperate worries Failed, Violia is now trying to capture Suez for the second time. After several months of disputes, the two companies were able to reach an agreement in April 2021. According to “” the two companies together employ about 230,000 people and have a total revenue of 37 billion.

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