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Submarine deal: Australia contradicts Macron’s false accusation

D.It is heartbreaking that he broke the submarine agreement between France and Australia. After French President Emmanuel Macron becomes Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison One journalist accused him of lying, the latter now vehemently denying the “slanders” against Australia. Morrison told a news conference during the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow. “But these slanders … I’m not going to tolerate Australia’s abuse,” Morrison said.

Was Macron In his statement on the sidelines of the G-20 summit in Rome, the country was openly excluded and his criticism was addressed directly to Morrison. “I have a lot of respect for their country, I have a lot of respect and friendship for their people,” Macron told reporters in Australia. “But if you respect each other, I have to say you have to be honest and behave in line with that value.” In response to the report, the journalist asked if Macron believed he had been lied to. By Morrison. “I don’t think so, I know,” the president replied.

“We did not steal an island”

The clip only lasts more than half a minute. It is still causing a stir in Canberra, the capital of Australia. Some political allies have sided with Morrison. Treasury President Josh Friedenberg criticized Macron’s “unusual language choice.” Australian Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, who heads the government in Morrison’s absence, has finally recommended Macron to get out of defeat. U-boot-deal Go through it. “We did not steal an island, we did not demolish the Eiffel Tower, it was a deal,” Joyce said. This is similar to the opinion of some Australians, who seem to be more angry with the French.

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In September, Paris reacted angrily to the failed arms deal and the new AUKUS agreement between the United States, Australia and Great Britain and withdrew its ambassadors from Canberra and Washington. Macron and the President of the United States Joe Biden After contacting each other on the phone relatively early, the French ambassador was allowed to return to Washington. France’s anger over Australia goes deep. French Ambassador Jean-Pierre Thebault did not return to Canberra until mid-October. Morrison and Macron only spoke on the phone last week. In a phone call, the French side called for “firm action” from Australia to “redefine” relations.