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Styria GP - Sebastian Vettel furious after 14th place in qualifying: 'Not to be surprised'

Styria GP – Sebastian Vettel furious after 14th place in qualifying: ‘Not to be surprised’

Heppenheimer reacted accordingly tightly afterwards. “I struggled to get to the point,” Vettel says on Sky. “In the end, I think I lost a row with the track boundary in the last corner. It was very tight, but I was missing the crucial piece today,” Vettel says on Sky.

At the end of the second quarter, Vettel’s fastest lap was canceled, but that didn’t change the outcome much. Only Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz, whose time was also denied, was arrested.

“It was pretty close, like I said. I didn’t beat my laps very well, so I shouldn’t be surprised it wasn’t enough,” Vettel says. “I couldn’t find my rhythm and got a little lost all over the place.” At first he had no explanation.

GP from Styria

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Vettel’s crucial brood was already off badly. Only after 23 seconds of driving did his lap time turn green for the first time — in other words: his previous attempt was better until then. In the middle sector, he had a personal best, but ultimately didn’t get past P14, 0.678 seconds short of Perez’s second-quarter best time. Also due to a suboptimal curve 10.

The second worst qualifier this season

After training on Friday, Vettel sounded upbeat about the performance in one lap. Instead, his racing speed caused him a headache. Instead, it ended up with the second worst qualifying result of the season. At the season opener in Bahrain, he had already failed in the first quarter. In addition, he had to admit defeat for the first time since Barcelona to Stroll, who tied 4:4 in the qualifying internal team duel.

As for the race, Vettel is drawing hope from past weekends, even if Friday’s long run doesn’t look ideal. “If qualifying doesn’t go well, you always hope for the race. Of course we want to get better. I think there’s always something going on in the race, you can overtake well. Let’s see what’s inside. We hope to see Ader 1 in good shape,” he says.

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