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Stunning animations show the true size of our solar system

Stunning animations show the true size of our solar system

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astronomer James O’Donogh she has on Twitter He posted a video of an animation showing our solar system, the size of each of the planets in it, and the speed of their rotation. The animation is impressive – so it’s no surprise that this video went viral and has already been viewed over 15 million times on Twitter.

It shows the relationships between the individual planets in our solar system in terms of the size and speed with which the planets rotate. It’s good to see how fast the Earth is spinning, but it’s far from the fastest planet.

The relationship between the planets is incorrect

And the moment when Jupiter and Saturn enter the picture is also impressive. while the Land 12,742 km is wide Jupiter 139,820 km Wide, i.e. greater than 10 times.

However, the really most exciting moment is when the sun becomes fully visible.

However, Donoghue’s animation does not show how far apart the planets are. In order to make them all visible in the video, they were of course placed much closer to each other than they actually are.