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Study in Great Britain: Fewer days without Thanksgiving in four-day week

As of: 02/21/2023 4:53 PM

The four-day week is gaining popularity in many countries. In the world’s largest trial, 61 British companies have now tested the model. The result: employees are rested, more motivated — and less absent.

Christophe Broslal, ART Studio London

Jack Fearon prefers a four-day week. The young man works for Target Composites in the North of England. The company repairs carbon bicycle frames. Earlier he only had a two-day weekend.

Christophe Proszl
ART Studio London

That means: working around the house on Saturdays. “My wife works on Saturdays and we spend Sundays together. Now I have Fridays to myself.” And he likes to get on his racing bike – unconscionably left with work at home.

61 companies participated in the survey

Company founder Anna Wenlock brought the idea of ​​the four-day week to the company. And she is also satisfied: “Productivity has increased. We are doing more than before. There are two reasons for this: we are more rested and more motivated.”

These are the experiences of many companies in the UK. In the UK, many companies have tried the four-day week. 61 companies with around 2,900 employees participated in the largest trial worldwide.

The results are positive. 56 companies have announced that they will retain the four-day week.

Significant reduction in attendance

Will Strange conducted the experiment in collaboration with scientists from the University of Cambridge and Boston College. He is the director of the Autonomy Think Tank and concludes that most companies have been able to increase productivity or at least maintain it.

“With the staff, we were able to determine that the number of absent days was significantly reduced,” says Strange. The study says minus 65 percent. Many workers welcome the fact that they can look after children more, and it also means lower childcare costs. They are very common in England.

“Psychiatric Epidemic”

“Great employee satisfaction,” Strank says, summarizing the results of the test. Research shows that fewer people are absent for longer periods, for example, due to fatigue.

“In the UK, like many countries, we have an epidemic of mental illness. Stress, anxiety, depression, and millions of lost working days because of it,” says Strong.

Easy to implement for office work

On the whole, as the experience of the experiment shows, it is easy to implement a four-day week for office work. However, manufacturing companies also took part in the trial, such as a fish and chip shop.

The results of the study should now help break down prejudices and promote the four-day week in the political arena. Strong met politicians from all parties in the House of Commons on Monday.

Four Days a Week was a huge hit in the United Kingdom

Christoph Proessl, ARD London, February 21, 2023 3:49 pm