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Student drivers fail the test after just 20 seconds

Student drivers fail the test after just 20 seconds

The practical driving test is nerve-racking for many people. After all, you're spending a lot of money on driving lessons and waiting months for your test. No one wants to fail because of a simple mistake and then have to wait a long time for the next attempt.

Mistakes happen under this pressure, and that's understandable. But a young driving student who took a test drive with driving instructor Pin Binning failed just seconds after starting. This is what was reported by the “LadBible” website.

Ben says in a video clip that the young man named Lamar traveled specifically to Wolverhampton in Great Britain. Just to take the exam. He had never driven this car or this area before.

Lamar began the test and approached a T-intersection where he was supposed to turn left. He slammed on the brakes too hard and initially pointed right instead of left – but did not get a penalty point for it.

But his fatal mistake occurred just seconds later: While Lamar was trying to turn onto the main road, he overlooked traffic coming from the left. The car had to brake to avoid hitting him, which is a clear violation of British driving rules.

“I know many of you may think this is difficult to classify as a serious driving error,” Bean said. “But the reality is that when you turn onto the main road, you shouldn't slow down for other vehicles at all.”

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Lamar isn't the only one who made an obvious mistake on his driving test. According to the UK government website, causing other drivers to change speed or direction is among the most common reasons for a failure.