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Struggle for Power in the Union - Laschet's CDU Council as Chancellor Candidate - News

Struggle for Power in the Union – Laschet’s CDU Council as Chancellor Candidate – News

  • The president of the Christian Democratic Union, Armin Laschet, is set to become the union’s candidate for chancellor as per the will of his party’s Federal Executive Committee.
  • On Tuesday morning, 31 board members (77.5 percent) voted for Lachette.
  • Nine CDU politicians spoke for CSU President Marcus Söder (22.5 percent). Six abstained.
  • It will now be essential whether Söder accepts the decision and announces his withdrawal.

With the CDU board voting, the days of the power struggle for first place in the federal election in September will likely be decided because the CSU has already put this question in the hands of the CDU. Marcus Söder, president of the CSU, said the CDU is now making a decision on this ‘sovereignty’. “We as the CSU – and me too – respect every decision.”


After about seven hours of debate, Armin Laschet garnered the support of the CDU’s Federal Executive Committee.


Waiting for the group meeting

At CDU, Laschet is expected to finally have better cards in the race thanks to the clear support on the board. Tuesday’s CDU / CSU Parliamentary Group meeting will be the critical test of acceptance of the decision.

There Soder supporters had already announced a vote to fight. Against this, however, a number of parliamentary blocs have spoken. Additionally, Söder made it clear that he will not go to the parliamentary group again.

Marcus Söder close-up


CSU President Marcus Söder is expected to announce his withdrawal.


A power struggle for the supreme candidate

Since last Sunday, 60-year-old Lachette and 54-year-old Soder have been increasingly arguing. In doing so, Söder has repeatedly cited his much better poll numbers, from which he drew higher chances of success in the September 26 federal election.

The power struggle reached its initial climax Monday night, when Lachette and Soder negotiated with each other for three and a half hours in a small group in the Bundestag building. However, this conversation remained without agreement.

CSU is the sister party of the CDU in Bavaria. It only competes in Bavaria, while the CDU competes only in 15 other German states. In the Bundestag, they both form a joint parliamentary group, and in the Bundestag elections they nominate a joint candidate for the position of chancellor. So far, this has usually been determined unanimously.