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Strong Marchink ends Trauner’s winning streak – Hammer catapults his team to second place! – Soccer Upper Austria – results, tables and goals from all OÖ leagues.

Guests outside Traun Get a wide chest for 5th place in the table Marchlink: Erbschwendtner-Elf has not left the field with less than 3 points in five games! In order not to lose touch with the top of the table, victory must also be achieved on SC Marchtrenk. However, the recent defeat of Kensy-Elf is also in the distant past. Lately you had to admit defeat on the first day of the match. In the unbeaten duel, the host team retained the lead and won 3-2 thanks to a late goal from Hamder.

The beginning of the dream for Marchtrink

About 200 spectators came to Waldstadion and watched the home team’s opening goal in the sixth minute. After a gentle dribble from about 25 metres, Ikoko sprinted into an undefensible right corner. Traun was now stronger, and wanted a tie, but it wasn’t mandatory at this point. Kensy-Elf did not have many opportunities, but he used them efficiently. After a corner kick, Cooper’s playing equipment fell at his feet, and this captured the heart and locked in from about 16 meters of ice-cold into the left corner of the goal. The 2-0 lead was short-lived: after 120 seconds, it was Anas Sabic who cut it to 1:2 with a shot from 35 metres. With this position he entered a breather.

Hamder becomes the winner of the match

In the second half, Traun increasingly controlled the match, and Erbschwendtner-Elf pushed SC into their own half. However, due to the brave defensive effort, no dangerous opportunities could be created. After all, the carelessness in Marchtrenker’s defense owed his well-deserved compensation: Ascic helped his teammate Vujanovic who had run free and somehow got the ball past goalkeeper Golkar. The eleventh house had to absorb that first, but what’s the best way to do it? By taking the lead 3-2 straight again! Heisenberger brought the ball from the right flank to the forward center defense Hammer and put the ball past goalkeeper Demsa in an attacking fashion. SC Marshtrink won the match 3-2 and was unbeaten in seven matches. At the same time, SV Haka Traun’s winning streak ended.

Game sounds

Adam Kinsey (Coach SC Marchrenk): ,,We went into the match very focused. Everything we set out to do 2-0 worked. The unfortunate 1:2 made Traun stronger and equalized. In the end we really wanted to win and we deserved to win.”

Best: Kian Golkar (TW), Emmanuel Ikoku (ZM)

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