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Strong drug seizures in Panama in the last hours – Brenza Latin

In the first operation, agents of the National Aeronautical Service seized a boat near the Las Berlas archipelago in the Gulf of Panama, in which they carried 1.1 tons of narcotics and arrested three crew members, the La Estrella de Panama newspaper reported this Thursday.

On the Pacific coast, near the fishing port of Wagamonde, west of the capital, another important seizure took place, where they seized 1.3 tons of narcotics, while in another operation on the same harbor premises, they seized 273 kilograms of illicit goods, a boat and two. Detained people.

It was the fourth consecutive blow to criminal networks, in Puerto Cristobal, in the Caribbean province of Puerto Rico, where they found 540 kilograms of drugs hidden among onions in a bag that, without further investigation, did not allow the accused to be found. Said.

Colonial roads are often used by organized criminals to move large quantities of narcotics, and between February and March the authorities destroyed the crime by confiscating seven tons found in five containers destined for Europe.

Panamanian security forces seized 84.87 tonnes of drugs in 2020, mainly in the jurisdiction of cocaine, mostly in the Caribbean Sea, which has become a preferred route for international drug traffickers, the public ministry said.

Panama is used by transnational organized crime networks as a means of transporting drugs produced in the south of the continent and its main target is the United States, the world’s largest cocaine consumer, and Europe.

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