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Stripper unpacks overnight with Prince Harry

Stripper unpacks overnight with Prince Harry

It was hot, it was wild, it was young! Ten years ago, Prince Harry let her rip in Las Vegas. Now his former stripper is speaking.

The basics in brief

  • Prince Harry lived a wild life before Meghan Markle.
  • Now the past catches up to him, he calls out a stripper.

What a hot panty job!

Ten years ago, Prince Harry, 37, was still an unruly celibate. At that time he was allowed to rip with friends at the “Wynn” hotel in Las Vegas. hot one number With stripper and pants included!

Prince Harry is now given a journey down memory lane. Free, by stripper Carrie Reichert. you want them princesHer pants, dress, and clothes have since been sold.

Expected returns? about 900,000 franc!

The stripper also has some information about the night with Prince Harry, at that time in Las Vegas.

“Before us, he was naked at the time and was open about it,” Reichert recalls. “It was a drunken fuss. It wasn’t romantic, it was just funny.”

Have you ever enjoyed the tape show?

The bachelor prince of ten years was a real “gentleman”. Even if there was some alcohol.

Why all this now? A legitimate question. To which the stripper answers the following: “Harry has become so boring, it’s a real shame.”

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