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Strike in Great Britain: Lawyers not only want more money after 58,271 cases

Strike in Great Britain: Lawyers not only want more money after 58,271 cases

Strike in Britain
After 58,271 cases, lawyers just don’t want more money

British lawyers have a decent pay rise, but in their view there is a big problem: almost 60,000 cases still need to be executed before more money can be found. This will take more time for the professional association.

Lawyers in the UK and Wales are on a large-scale strike for justice system reforms and higher pay. When going out, so-called barristers do not want to accept new cases or get clients from overworked colleagues. British Justice Minister Dominique Robb criticized the strike as a sign that justice was not being served to the victims. “I urge you to vote in favor of the proposed 15 per cent pay rise, which means a regular barrister can earn around 7,000 a year,” Rob said.

On the other hand, the Criminal Bar Association (CPA), a professional association, insisted that the pay rise would not apply to the huge backlog of 58,271 cases at the end of April. CBA President Joe Sidhu said barristers have seen a 28 per cent drop in actual pay since 2006, the average annual income of young professionals is below the minimum wage and many are leaving their jobs quickly. “Last year our judges had to adjourn 567 cases at the last minute because there was no lawyer or security adviser,” Sidhu said. They waited for years for justice due to staff shortages.

In the UK legal system, barristers are lawyers or attorneys who hear cases in court. There are also so-called lawyers who advise only their clients out of court. The strike will continue this Tuesday, and will last one day each week thereafter. The barristers have to stop work for a whole week from July 18th to 22nd. As a result, many procedures have to be postponed