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Strike in Germany: planes, trains and buses stand still

Strike in Germany: planes, trains and buses stand still

All-out warning

Trains, buses and planes have been stationary in Germany since midnight

The main strike announced by the unions began at midnight. That must paralyze traffic in large parts of Germany.


In Germany, trains, buses and planes remain suspended due to the warning strike on Monday.

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  • Public transport in Germany stopped on Monday.

  • The reason is joint warning strikes by the Verdi union and the railway and transport union (EVG).

  • A minimum of €500 additional wages is required for around 2.5 million public sector employees.

Across Germany, trains, buses and planes will be largely halted on Monday. A large-scale warning strike by several unions began in the middle of the night. Defaults are likely to lead to major failures and traffic jams for the entire German transport sector. It should last 24 hours. the Union Verde It calls for 10.5 percent and at least 500 euros more monthly salaries for some 2.5 million public sector employees.

On rails, long-distance traffic will be stopped completely and regional traffic will be largely stopped. Almost all German airports are on strike, but not Berlin. Waterways and ports, as well as the highway company, were also affected.

Both sides are still far apart

Streets are also expected to be full because local public transport will go on strike in seven federal states and many people are likely to switch to cars. Baden-Württemberg is affectedHesse, Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saxony and large parts of Bavaria.

With warning strikes, the Verdi union and the railway and transport union (EVG) want to increase pressure in the current collective bargaining rounds. Under tense circumstances, Verdi and the DBB civil servants’ association will meet with the municipalities and the federal government again on Monday in Potsdam. This is where the third round of negotiations for 2.5 million workers begins. The parties are still far from each other, but an agreement in the following days cannot be ruled out.

Strike is our last resort.

At the railway and transport union EVG, further negotiations with various railway companies are pending as of mid-week. Negotiations with Deutsche Bahn should only continue after Easter. “A strike is a last resort for us,” EVG negotiator Cosima Engenshai told partner newspapers of the “Neue Berliner Redaktionsgesellschaft”. Therefore, the Union hopes for the second round of negotiations. “But we’re not ruling anything out at this point.” Deutsche Bahn called EVG’s strike “completely excessive, baseless and unnecessary”. It called on the union to “return to the negotiating table immediately, in the interest of employees and customers.”

The strike began on Sunday Already at Munich airport. There was no regular passenger traffic. Regular passenger traffic in Frankfurt will also be suspended on Monday due to the strike. The Pro Bahn commuter association has advised rail commuters to work from home on Monday. “If working from home is not possible, passengers should commute with their colleagues on the round trip,” Carl Peter Naumann, honorary president of the Pro-Bahn, told the German Liberation Network.

Switzerland is also affected

also Swiss air traffic was affected by the strike, says Swiss media spokesman Michael Stief on demand. All flights between Switzerland and Munich will be canceled on Sunday. “All flights from Switzerland to Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Hanover and Nuremberg will be canceled on Monday,” Steve said. Flights to Berlin are not affected. These will be implemented as planned. “Affected passengers who provided their phone number or email address when booking will be proactively contacted and rebooked if they wish,” says Michael Stef.

The strike also has consequences for train connections to Switzerland: As a spokeswoman for the SBB told 20 Minuten, ICEs, night trains and regional trains to and from Germany will be canceled due to the strike on Monday, March 27.

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