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Stress at work: this method helps against it

Stress at work: this method helps against it

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Too much pressure at work? The 5×5 method helps immediately

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First, you should look closely at the cause of the tension

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Stress at work is a part of everyday life for many. However, it should not be underestimated, as stress can have serious long-term health consequences. One expert says the 5×5 method can provide quick relief.

sAlmost everyone knows a strand of hair at work. In fact, study, school and work are some of the biggest sources of stress in Germany study Techniker Krankenkasse offers from 2021. Key pressures include a lot of work, deadline pressure and rush. Added to this are stressors such as frequent interruptions and disturbances, information overload, and poor working conditions.

Depending on the duration and intensity, these stresses are not without consequences. There are many warning signs that work stress is affecting your health. Obvious signs include persistent brooding, nervous behavior, or sleep problems. So when work problems turn into your private life and have a negative effect on your body, there is an urgent need to take action.

Don’t get angry – act instead

Psychologist and coach says: “Anger has no consequences.” Ulric Bosmann. at “the spiritIt advises people and organizations and helps them adjust appropriate levers in their search for greater satisfaction. “If I stick to the blanket rule of ‘everything too much,’ I don’t know where to begin and where to begin.”

She recommends looking closely at the cause of stress. Is it an external factor like a broken printer that only works once out of five? Struggle with a colleague? Project taking longer than expected?

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“At the same time, you should also take a good look at yourself. Sometimes your behavior causes additional stress.” For example, this may be poor time management. Or you find it difficult to delegate tasks, which is why you take extra work.

“I often recommend to my clients that they monitor their workday for a week and at the end of the day evaluate: What is stressing me out today?” This way, stressors you weren’t aware of may become apparent.

Create a balance to work 5×5


Take time for a little vacation

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Bosman advises starting on a small scale. “Just taking your own needs more seriously and creating a balance of work can make all the difference.” That’s why the psychologist always recommends the “5×5 method” she has developed for her stressed clients. the essence:

Find five things you can do that give you energy, make you happy and take no more than five minutes.

“Scientific research shows, however, that several short breaks are much better than a longer lunch break,” says Bosman. “So we started introducing these little things into the workday as a kind of mini vacation.”

This can be, for example, a cappuccino, a short excursion in the sun, a breathing exercise or a dance to a song. “Once I figure out my five things, I really start building them, and consciously saying, ‘I’m going to take a little break and take care of myself, my well-being and my health,’ and that makes a huge difference.”

Another good tip

Meditation makes us more efficient

Bosman sums it up: “We all only care about time when it comes to jobs, and we want to process things faster and more efficiently. But our energy isn’t infinite. Even if a job is fun, I take energy doing it. And just as I charge my phone from an outlet, I also need to charge myself.”

The good thing is that you don’t necessarily have to drastically change your life. Even with the little things, you can strengthen your flexibility and do something for yourself.

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