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Strange scenes of Thomas Tuchel and Joshua Kimmich during the Asian tour

Strange scenes of Thomas Tuchel and Joshua Kimmich during the Asian tour

Joshua Kimmich (left) and Thomas Tuchel answered questions from journalists traveling with FC Bayern at the start of FC Bayern’s trip to Asia. Photo: Imago Images/Sven Simon


Luke Grebowski

For a number of years, FC Bayern Munich has been using the summer holidays for marketing trips to the USA and Asia. After the Munich team traveled to the east coast of the United States last year, they are now in Japan. Then to Singapore.

However, coach Thomas Tuchel had previously stressed in advance that the trip would not be a fun event and he would like to give the team full motivation – despite the seven-hour time difference and jet lag.

At the start of the trip there was a press conference by Joshua Kimmich and Coach Tuchel on Tuesday morning. Strange sightings occurred there.

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Bayern Munich: Kimmich clarifies questions about his future

Because, unlike usual, the spokesperson for Dieter Nickels not only sat on the podium with the player and coach, but also employed translators. For example, Kimmich was asked about his future at Bayern Munich and possible transfer rumors from the very beginning. “I’m sure I’ll play for Bayern Munich. Personally, I don’t have any other plans.”

But before he could answer, the reporter’s question was translated into Japanese. According to his statements, the translation into Japanese was done by an interpreter. Another made remarks during her colleague’s remarks and then repeated what Kimmich had said in English.

The midfielder couldn’t help but smile widely during the translations. “The translator is amazing,” spokesperson Dieter Nickels also praised. Because she wrote the answers that I translated into English incredibly quickly.

Even after the third question, Kimmich wasn’t used to the strange situation. When asked what it would be like without captains Thomas Müller and Manuel Neuer, the midfielder was about to begin his answer, but was interrupted by a translator who was translating the question into Japanese.

Only then can he perform: “The trip was relatively smooth without Thomas, you can tell.” However, it is a pity that both of them will not be there. “With Manu, we hope he will be back soon.”

Bayern Munich: Tuchel seems annoyed by the situation

However, the translator was not up-to-date regarding Bayern’s transfer activities either. When asked about the rankings of former newcomers Konrad Leimer, Rafael Guerrero and Kim Min-jae, Kimmich had to explicitly ask about the three players Kimmich mentioned. However, that didn’t change his mind: “The three are going to help us a lot with their quality.”

In addition to Kimmich, coach Thomas Tuchel also spoke before Munich’s first test match against Manchester City on Wednesday. However, CEO Jean-Christian Drezen and Technical Director Marco Nebby will not be on the field. They are also part of the transfer staff, along with Thomas Tuchel, Uli Hoeneß and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. However, Dreesen and Neppe remained in Munich to continue working on Harry Kane’s commitment.

The translator may not have heard of these two, because when she translated Tuchel’s answer that there was a time difference of seven hours, but that it was not a problem with communication, she asked which players would talk about it.

In contrast to Kimmich, the FC Bayern coach saw that he found the situation unfunny and seemed a bit annoyed. In order to speed up the entire press conference a bit, Tuchel also answered the German journalists in English after the first questions.

After five questions, press spokesman Dieter Nickels ends the media tour, as the Munich team begins training in Tokyo.