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Storm warning for France and Great Britain

Storm warning for France and Great Britain

As of: November 1, 2023 9:21 pm

Fierce storm, meter-high waves: France and Great Britain are bracing for severe storms. Meteorologists have warned that there will be danger to life outside. The storm will also be felt in Germany.

Traffic is partially blocked in the English Channel and northwest France as the storm approaches. Cyclone Emir, known internationally as Ciaran, is expected to hit the French Atlantic and UK southern coasts from Wednesday evening.

French weather service Météo France expects winds of up to 170 kilometers per hour and waves up to 10 meters high on Thursday night. Wind gusts of up to 140 kilometers per hour are expected in Great Britain, according to the British Met Office’s Met Office. Meteorologists warned of life-threatening conditions on Thursday due to flying debris, covered roofs, downed power cables and downed trees. Coastal areas in the south-west and south-east of England are particularly affected.

Runners are also expected in Germany

Storm and gale force winds of up to 120 kilometers per hour are possible along the Belgian and Dutch North Sea coasts. In Belgium, the weather service announced an orange warning level for the Flemish coast and a yellow warning level for the rest of the country. The cities of Brussels, Antwerp and Liège announced the closure of public parks from Wednesday afternoon through Thursday.

According to the German Weather Service (DWD), Germany will only reach hurricane depth in its weakest form. The DWD expects maximum gusts of 85 kilometers per hour, especially at higher elevations and along the North Sea coast. Horses can reach speeds of 100 km/h in the Broken Mountains.

Home Minister Dharmanin: Don’t go out!

Brittany is out of breath – that’s the headline on news channel BFMTV. Almost a third of all French departments are at orange alert level, with three in red on weather maps. It means full wakefulness from midnight to morning – full wakefulness. French Interior Minister Gérald Dorman advised people to stay at home: “Everywhere in France, I encourage the French people not to go out on the nights from Wednesday to Thursday. If they do go out, not near bodies of water, not near the sea. .”

Ports in the country are closed, beach restaurants are protected by sandbags, and some mayors have imposed exit restrictions. Marine rescue teams have been heavily mobilized. French railway company SNCF suspended regional services in the most vulnerable areas and also canceled some TGV high-speed train services.

Ferries between France and Great Britain have been cancelled

Ferry company Condor canceled its passenger and cargo connections between the Channel Islands and Great Britain on Wednesday and Thursday. TFDS has canceled flights between Dieppe in France and Newhaven in England. Regional train services in Brittany, Normandy, Pays de Loire, Hauts de France and Center Val de Loire will also be partially suspended on Wednesday evening and Thursday.

Eurostar, the railway company that provides links from mainland Europe to Great Britain, said it expected disruption and slow journeys. He advised travelers to postpone trips scheduled for Thursday.