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Store staff want to spoil Apple’s Christmas sales in Australia

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Apple » Big strike: Store workers want to spoil Apple’s Christmas sales in Australia

Apple is increasingly not dealing with industrial action in the US. In Australia too, workers are demanding better pay and better working conditions. Now workers on the continent have announced an action with significant consequences.

Working at an Apple store isn’t always fun, it’s often described as backbreaking work. For many employees, pay has long been uneven, working hours are often long, and shift scheduling is difficult. – Intolerable conditions, find Apple employees in Australia.

They went on strike for the first time in October, but now a much bigger strike is planned. agencies to inform About the Australian Retail and Fast Food Workers Union’s Apple Store Workers’ Plans. Now they are planning a massive strike ahead of Christmas.

A clear signal to Apple and customers

From December 23, employees across the country are said to be seeking a partial stoppage of work. The strike will continue until Christmas Eve Run.

Although the move is nationwide, stores in Brisbane, Adelaide and Newcastle will have the biggest impact.

In addition, employees are already showing their willingness to fight: they repeatedly refuse to fix iPhones, Apple Watches and AirPods after hours. Many employees refuse to wear Apple’s red Christmas T-shirt.

The demands are aimed at higher wages, better predictability of work assignments and annual salary adjustments. It remains to be seen whether Apple will respond to the demands to avoid a major industrial action just before Christmas.

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