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Stockholm Diamond League - Duplantis delight fans at home - not Swiss exploit - sport

Stockholm Diamond League – Duplantis delight fans at home – not Swiss exploit – sport


Column lifter Armand Duplantis performs at the Diamond League meeting in Stockholm. Swiss pentathlon also competed in the Swedish capital.

The elite of athletics gathered in Stockholm for this year’s fifth Diamond League meet. Main results:

The Swiss

hostility Salome Corra She didn’t get off to a perfect start, but she quickly increased her speed. With a time of 11.31 seconds (headwind 1.3 m/s), the Stockholm resident of St. Gallen was 19 hundredths higher than her personal best. That was enough on a rather weak field for second place, where only American Kayla White defeated Cora (11.23).

to Leah Spranger There was nothing to get past the 400m hurdles. The Swiss woman finished eighth and last with a time of 55.27 seconds. However, the competition was also very strong. Fimk Ball took the win with a personal best score of 52.37. The Dutch woman triumphed in a high-profile, ultra-thin race, ahead of American Shamir Little (52.39). Ukrainian Hanna Rishikwa at number 3 also ran in under 53 seconds.

Show a fun performance Angelica Mosier. The pole crane mastered the heights of 4.36m, 4.51m and 4.61m, before the indoor European champion bit her teeth in vain at the 4.71m mark. Since the Russian Polina Knoroz was the only athlete to break 4.71 meters, she won the competition. Moser was five years old.

It was two weeks ago Salome Lang The 1.96m level still cracked, setting a new Swiss record. In Stockholm, a Basel woman commented on this very height. The 1.93m jump, which Lang jumped on her first attempt, was enough for the 23-year-old to finish fifth, and today’s victory went to Ukrainian Jaroslawa Mahochic (2.03m).

Reached for his first Diamond League match of that season Benjamin Gvoler Fifth place from LC Zurich. His best attempt was 7.80 m. The competition was won by Jamaican Tagay Gayle (8.55 m).

International spotlight

against Armand Duplantis No grass was grown in Stockholm either. The local champion was once again relegated to the ranks of his rivals, Sam Kendricks of the United States and France’s Renaud Lavillenie, to the other podiums. While Kendricks and Lavillenie failed at the 6.02m mark, Duplantis perfected the rise on the first try. Then the Swede tried to break his own world record of 6.18m. 6.19 m can not be reached.

So it continues

The Diamond League will go to the next round on Friday. The best athletes will compete in Monaco on Friday. SRF will broadcast the meeting live in the emirate.