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Stock Exchange: DAX approached a record high, share of Daimler and BMW in the plus sign

Stock Exchange: DAX approached a record high, share of Daimler and BMW in the plus sign

After last week’s record, investors in the German stock market will take no further risks on Monday. Soon after the start of trading, it was barely changed at 15,220 points. The leading EuroStoxx 50 index, like the MDax Small Business Index, remained steady. US stock exchanges closed the week strongly on Friday, but prices in Asia eased on Monday. In the market, this is attributed to concerns about tightening lockdown, high inflation expectations and an already high price level. “It’s clear that the former is now afraid of heights,” said Thomas Altman, market observer of QC Partners, an asset manager. The number of those contemplating making a profit is increasing. Additionally, the first-quarter reporting season begins in the US this week. Banking personalities Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan It is in focus in the middle of the week.

The Dax It showed itself strong on Monday afternoon. And an increase of 0.1 percent recently to 15,250 points, the benchmark index was not far from its all-time high of around 15,312 points. Corporate papers from the auto and construction industries, which have particularly benefited from the post-pandemic economic recovery, have boosted the DAX. stocks DaimlerAnd the BMW and HeidelbergCement It took the first places with an additional fee of 3 percent.

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Adidas shares the benefits from the recommendation from the USA

Recommendations also caused movement in DAX. Jefferies is now advising to buy shares in the sporting goods manufacturer Adidas As per previous “Hold” recommendation. Most recently, Adidas rose 1.5 percent and continued its recent price rally. Shares in VW subsidiary Tratton Meanwhile, it advanced by more than 2%.

Bitcoin is once again above $ 60,000

The path of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin It rose again on Monday, climbing back above the $ 60,000 barrier. Most recently, Bitcoin was trading at $ 61,200. Thus, the electronic currency is monitoring its record high. Rising inflation concerns support the bitcoin exchange rate, as the demand for alternatives to central bank funds increases among many investors.

US Stock Exchanges: Dow Jones and S&P 500 at record levels

After a strong weekend with more records on Wall Street, investors should take it easy on Monday. The leading indicator Daw Jones Industrial Trading started with an area of ​​33,756 meters, with the least losses. The Nasdaq technical index also fell slightly at first. Meanwhile, economic optimism and cheap money from the central bank are driving stock markets: According to Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, the US economy is at a turning point towards further growth. “We feel that we are at a stage where the economy is starting to grow at a much faster rate,” Powell said in an interview with US television station CBS.

Alibaba stocks are recovering, and Microsoft buys artificial intelligence specialists

Less than individual values Ali Baba In focus. In a fresh blow to founder Jack Ma, Chinese competition watchdogs imposed a fine of 18 billion yuan on the world’s largest online trading platform. State media quoted the Market Watch as saying that the group had used its dominant position to punish merchants who wanted to display their goods on competing platforms. In addition, the financial division of Alibaba Ant Group will have to reposition itself as a financial holding company and meet the stringent requirements as the bank. Even so, Alibaba shares rose more than 6 percent in early trade. According to stockbrokers, the penalty was lower than feared. Additionally, the uncertainty has now receded from stocks. The software giant Microsoft After all, he wants to scale his language processing solutions through acquisitions. The group wants to acquire artificial intelligence and language processing specialist Nuance Communications and is offering $ 56 a share. Shares of the company rose about 23 percent to $ 56 well ahead of the market.

Weak equity markets in Asia

Investors in Asia refrained from buying shares on Monday ahead of the start of the reporting season. Stock traders said investors would wait at the start of the week if the quarterly numbers for US companies justify the company’s high valuations. Even the optimistic comments from US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell have discouraged investors from taking action again. Powell emphasized in an interview over the weekend that the US economy is facing a significant acceleration in economic growth, even if the Coronavirus remains a threat. I gave in Tokyo Nikkei index on Monday rose 0.8 percent to 29,539 points. The Shanghai Stock Exchange lost about one percent. The index of the most important companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen lost 1.6 percent.

Pulled in the odd values Ali Baba The Hong Kong stock exchange is about eight percent. The largest online retailer in China does not expect its business to be affected by the standard fine for market abuse and imposed circumstances. “Now that the penalty has been determined, market uncertainty will be reduced by Alibaba,” said analyst Kenny Ng of Everbright financial services firm Sun Hong Kai. On Saturday, the China Competition Authority imposed the highest cartel fine in the People’s Republic of China on Alibaba in the amount of 2.3 billion euros.

The euro is under pressure

The euro fell slightly on Monday. In the morning, the common currency was trading at $ 1.1886, after trading at $ 1.19 the night before. The European Central Bank (ECB) last set the reference rate on Friday afternoon at $ 1.1888. In the market, the strength of the dollar was indicated, which in turn affected the Euro to some extent. Among other things, the price development in the United States is the focus of attention in the foreign exchange market. New inflation data is expected from the United States on Tuesday.

Oil prices have hardly changed

Oil prices remained virtually unchanged on Monday. The price of a North Sea Brent barrel (159 liters) was $ 62.96 that morning. That was a cent more than it had been on Friday. A barrel of US West Texas Intermediate (WTI) is steady at $ 59.32. The positive evaluation by US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell regarding the further development of the US economy could not boost oil prices. Powell told CBS last night that the world’s largest economy continues to gain strength. However, he also made clear that there are still risks to further economic development from the Corona crisis.

On the oil market, I point out that the Corona crisis is still a dominant topic. Outside the United States, economic development is slowing in important industrialized and emerging countries. In the European Union in particular, but also in India, the number of infections has risen recently, dampening hopes for a rapid recovery in the economy and the associated stronger demand for raw materials such as crude oil.