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Still worried about overseas live after two years

“Switzerland News” presenter Oceana Galmarini

“If you’re not sure, you’re showing yourself too much”

Her open nature makes her a refreshing appearance in ‘Schweiz aktuell’: Graubünden’s Oceana Galmarini has been working with the popular Early Evening News format at SRF for two years now and is evaluating her work with Blick.

Presenter Oceana Galmarini, 29, has had a turbulent week. Until yesterday, she was out along the St. River for five days for the summer ‘Switzerland News’ program, and she’s also done a great job rafting in the river.

Two years ago, the Graubünden native made the leap from the news show “Telesguard” to “Schweiz aktuell” and is considered one of the SRF’s greatest talents. It shows in the way you deal with external live broadcasts. Even if she was still a little excited. “It’s a whole new discipline that I learned there. I knew the state of the live studio from Chur. But it’s like saying to an alpine snowboarder: ‘You have a gold in the giant slalom, so you can snowboard, and take part in the Olympic Half-pipe.’ (35 ).