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Stigmata above has mixed feelings among critics

Since yesterday, Mad Head Games has released a new sci-fi title for PlayStation, Xbox and PC. Test reports and reviews of the new game from the small studio are already piling up. There isn’t a lot of negativity noted here, but there aren’t currently many positives either.

At the very least, the gameplay itself has been praised across the board, and there should be no shortage of active fun. But then the hymns of praise stop again. Both the story and the characters aren’t particularly noteworthy or exciting.

Scars Above of TheGamer said, “Although the world is gray and the story disappointing, the moment-to-moment gameplay journey is worth it”.

DualShockers’ rating seems quite modest: “Scars Above is a good game, but it’s not a particularly memorable game, especially at a time when sci-fi survival horror is such a crowded field. Like the planet you’re exploring, Scars Above is lifeless.”

The PS5 version of the game currently has a mixed review score of 65 on Metacritic. The situation is very similar to other versions of the game.