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Stephanie Heinzmann: Star hairstylist defends her green hair

Martin Dürrenmatt

“He’s got a thing for the Grinch” – star hairstylist defends Stephanie Heinzmann’s new look

Stefanie Heinzmann debuted a new green look over the weekend. But not everyone likes a colorful hairstyle. Inventor Martin Dürrenmatt stands behind his innovation.


Over the weekend, Stephanie Heinzmann caught everyone’s attention with her green hair.

Instagram / martindürrenmatt

  • Over the weekend, Stephanie Heinzmann posted a photo of her new look. The Valais woman now wears her green hair with a mullet.

  • But not everyone is excited about a head of colored hair. The 34-year-old is being compared to the Grinch on Instagram, for example, and his hairstyle was rather poor in a 20-minute survey.

  • This reaction was expected for the famous hairdresser Martin Dürrenmatt (31 years old). “When you create a look that’s so special, not everyone can like it.”

Singer Stefanie Heinzmann loves to experiment with different hair looks and colors. This is how the Valais woman introduced herself The weekend is back with a new hairstyle – a mullet in green. While her 95,000+ Instagram fans celebrate the 34-year-old for her colorful beauty, the 20-minute community doesn’t seem to be too impressed. User says in the comments: “He has a thing for the Grinch.” And even in a poll of more than 8,000 readers, 52 percent said their new hairstyle “wouldn’t work at all.”

A result that does not surprise the famous Figaro star Martin Dürrenmatt, who is behind this innovation. “When you create a look that’s so special, not everyone can like it.” again Eight-time world champion in hairdressing He admits that he even predicted that the musician’s new look would divide opinions. “Not everyone has to like it. We live in a world where color is allowed. It’s versatile, and individuality and variety are very important.” Therefore, according to the 30-year-old, such criticism has its place.

Stephanie trusts me 100 percent.

Martin Dürrenmatt has already played in the past With a musician’s hairstyle. In 2017, he introduced her to the world of hair coloring and has experimented with her regularly ever since. “Stephanie trusts me 100 percent. I keep suggesting ideas or inspirations I have in mind. Then Stephanie gets into my hands.”

The winner of an acting program often cannot imagine what the end result should look like. “That is why it is good that we have such a great friendship and kindred spirits. The trust is there and I really appreciate that.” This is why the stress before plastic surgery does not remain with the client and the hairdresser. “Stephanie always says if I can get behind her hairstyle, so can she. That’s very nice to hear and it makes me proud.”

The Heinzmann look is not suitable for everyday use

However, Dürrenmatt stresses this The Heinzmann look is not suitable for everyday use. “These looks are for special occasions or performances. I wouldn’t suggest it to anyone.” In fact, colorful hairstyles often disappear quickly after their projects, the world champion reveals. In general, he is an advocate of individualism. “Everyone looks the same these days—full lips, tattooed eyebrows, and sevenfold eyelashes. That’s why I think it’s good to go against the mainstream and put accents. You don’t have to look like any Instagram filter.”

Dürrenmatt still has some ideas of what he’d like to try with Stefanie Heinzmann. However, he still kept his appearance covered in thoughts. “I don’t want to reveal too much, after all, it should still be sexy.”

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