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Stephanie Heinzmann has green hair

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Stephanie Heinzmann has green hair — fans are excited

I did it again! Stefanie Heinzmann shines in her latest Instagram with a new hairstyle and hair color. Her fans can hardly stop raving about it.


Stefanie Heinzmann (34) With a difference: With her bright green hair and mullet haircut, the singer inspires her fans on Instagram.


  • Stefanie Heinzmann presents herself again and again with new hairstyles and looks.

  • In her latest Instagram post, the 34-year-old shows herself with bright green hair and a mullet style.

  • Her new look was met with excitement on social media.

Once again, singer Stephanie Heinzmann shows the courage to change. The 34-year-old is famous Experiment with hair colors and hairstyles. Her latest looks fall into the “daring” category. In her current Instagram post, the Valais woman presents herself with bright green hair and a mullet cut.

Also pictured is celebrity hairstylist Martin Dürrenmatt (31). The eight-time world champion in hairdressing has already missed out on stars like comedian Stephanie Berger (45). Striking short-haired pixie blonde She regularly styled the hair of the star Beatrice Egli (34). He was only recently allowed to extend a hand of wild chastity to singer Herbert Gronemayer (66).

Stefani’s fans celebrate their new look

Heinzmann’s new green look has been well received by his more than 95,000 followers. That’s how it is Mainly positive comments And to find many green hearts in the comments column. One user writes: “I also had this hairstyle in 1982. But not in green. Cool!” On the other hand, another user says: “You bring colors to the gray days.”

However, fans insisted, reacting irritably to the musician’s new colorful look. For example, one user says, “He has a Grinch thing.” The comparisons don’t end here, one follower wrote: “It reminds me of a goblin and they are supposed to bring luck.”

Heinzmann did not change her appearance for the first time

Over the years, Stephanie Heinzmann has often missed out on the new look. The winner of the talent show originally wore her long, brown hair. The first major change followed in 2017: Heinsmann dyed his hair platinum blonde and cut it shoulder-length. She then stayed true to this look for two years until her hair faded completely in December 2019. Various hair colors followed, such as platinum blonde, neon yellow, purple, and now poison green.

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