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Stepdad Peter Klein is bursting at the seams

But now Peter has heard and read enough! The longer story now makes a clear statement.

After a conversation with Eris, he thought everything would calm down a bit now – but to no avail. It’s always stupid of him because he’s standing between chairs and he’s usually the focus of these chores.

However, he does not want to rule either. “I don’t want to blame anyone. In the end, it’s about having reasons why each person does it,” says Peter.

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But what particularly bothers him: the lies being circulated about him on the Internet. “Something like that is also called reputational damage,” he gets on his nerves.

He himself did not claim to be innocent. However, one cannot always just shift the blame and present oneself as the victim.

Who is meant by this? The stepfather of Daniela Katzenberger, 36, does not say so. Nor is he obliged to. The dig at still wife Iris is apparent.

Now he wants to “think the way he chooses.” Peter does not explain exactly what that means. One thing is for sure: there seems to be no end in sight to the chaos of love.