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Stellaris: The next species is coming in September

Stellaris: The next species is coming in September

Paradox is offering supplies once again in its space game Stellaris. The following genres package will arrive in September.

with whom then Stellaris He has reason to be happy in a few weeks: The new genre package for the Paradox Interactive title should be available from September 20, 2022; He then expands this title to include the Toxoids, who gamble with the future of their planets for instant gains and make difficult sacrifices to survive in a hostile galaxy.

The game makers themselves speak of the most resilient and stubborn species in the history of the game. Toxoid empires can grow faster and adapt better than most creatures, but they also tend to make life difficult not only for their neighbors, but also for themselves.

Specifically, the new DLC pack features are officially defined as follows:

  • New assets:
    • Poisonous Knights of God: In the depths of the homeland realm, rumors circulate of a true power buried under the poisonous sludge. Can the secrets of this past be revealed, and unleashed upon the galaxy?
    • Edited: The candle that burns the brightest burns in the memory of the galaxy! In this genre, players gain more and more traits at the expense of their age and live in the here and now without worrying about the next day!
  • The new civic education:
    • Toxic Pools: Populations can grow rapidly with a new infusion of mutagenic sludge – as long as players are willing to pay the cost to the planet and people.
    • Scraper: The Empire’s scrap is the Empire’s treasure! You can’t be proud of using debris and destruction for your own quick construction projects.
    • Relentless Industrialists: If you want to keep up with demand, you have to learn to ignore all regulations and negative opinions. The surviving residents would be grateful for any resources.
  • New features:
    • Incubator: The rapid resettlement of an empty planet makes sense, but these growth facilities can fill up very quickly!
    • The Inorganic Breath: Your People are a Source of Valuable Alien Gases! It’s a shame that respirators are so expensive.
    • Toxic: Other species can’t stand being in close proximity to the species and their presence seems to make the planet a terrible place to live. As a result, other empires have a hard time fighting or subjugating them, and it’s funny to see the expressions on their faces while they’re in a room every time.
    • Strange Metabolism: Everything is consumed while other species summon Team Hazmat. You’ll eat faster, live longer, and enjoy a terrifying rainbow of flavors!
  • New cosmetic options: Pictures of species, ship models, and cityscapes that only a mom could love.
  • New advisors: The Empire is expanding from a relentless source of perverse ridicule!
Stellaris – Toxoids Species Package Ad Trailer

Toxoids will be introduced to the space game Stellaris in September.