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Stellantis tests self-driving capabilities

Stellantis tests self-driving capabilities

In the US, Stellantis participated in self-driving tests with a prototype based on the electrified Jeep Wrangler 4xe.

Deadly straight roads across wide plains and long highways with strict speed limits. Self-driving cars are likely to become very popular quickly, especially in the USA. To test drive technologies controlled by sensors, cameras, and software, companies such as chip maker Intel and mobile operator Verizon as well as CapGemini, Harman and the Vigrinia Department of Transportation have joined forces with the “5G Automotive Association” (5GAA).

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Stellantis Group is the only car manufacturer that participated in the tests in the US state of Virginia. 5G cellular communications and multi-access computing (MEC) technology are being trialled in Blacksburg. This term can be understood as a network architecture that embeds cloud functionality into the mobile network. Stellantis is also active in the United States with domestic brands Chrysler, Jeep and RAM. Jeep Wrangler 4xe, no plug-in hybrid, was made available for test drives.

Test equipment has been installed in the vehicle, which makes it possible to report the exact location of the vehicle to the infrastructure. For example, relevant emergency messages can be sent to the vehicle, and pedestrians and other vehicles can be warned if necessary. Stellantis named connected cars as part of the “Dare Forward 2030” roadmap. Tests in the USA are intended to support the development of these technologies.


Stellantis is also working on autonomous driving functions. In the US, the group is collaborating with the “5G Automotive Association” on tests and has submitted the Jeep Wrangler for a test drive.