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Stellantis is planning a new Gigafactory in the USA

Stellantis is planning a new Gigafactory in the USA

Stellantis Group has announced a plan to build a massive battery factory with partner Samsung SDI. The plant is scheduled to become operational in 2027 and, with an annual production capacity of 34 gigawatt-hours (GWh), will make batteries for the group’s future electric cars.

This brings the number of giant battery plants planned for the group to six. In Europe, giant factories have been assigned sites in Germany, France and Italy. The first of these large battery plants with partner ACC (Automotive Cell Company) was inaugurated at the end of May 2023 in Bailey-Berclau, France (see video above) and series production is scheduled to begin by the end of 2023.

Again with a Samsung partner

Two giant factories have already been established in North America. One with battery partner LG Energy in Ontario, Canada, with a capacity of 45 GWh/year and a 33 GWh plant in Kokomo, Indiana (USA). Stellantis wants to run the latter with the Korean Samsung SDI kit. Now another gigafactory will be built and operated in the USA with the same partner, Stellantis announced on July 24, 2023.

The path to a third battery plant in North America was already clear. At the opening of the French Gigafactory in May, Stellantis President Carlos Tavares had already declared that the law to reduce inflation in the United States would create “extremely favorable” conditions for the construction of such a production facility. Extensive tax breaks, subsidies, and e-car subsidies for domestically produced vehicles in the United States have long caused many European manufacturers to reorient themselves toward new production facilities in the United States.

The group has not yet officially decided where to build its newly announced Stellantis Gigafactory in the USA. While Stellantis has announced that it will offer electric-only cars in Europe by 2030, this approach is not very ambitious for the group’s American brands (including Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep): in the United States, only 50% of the Stellantis range must be fully electric by 2030; The other half will continue to use internal combustion engines.

In the photo gallery we show the manufacturers’ plans to produce batteries in Europe.

Certainly — that strengthens sales in the long run.Absolutely not – if you want a Stromer, you have to pay for it yourself.

The subsidy policy in the United States seems to be bearing fruit. The European group Stellantis plans to build an additional, and then a second, mega-battery plant in the United States. Presumably, European models will also be equipped with batteries from there. Because the two previously announced battery plants in Indiana and the Canadian province of Ontario would, in fact, be sufficient to meet the needs of the US brands of Stellantis.