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SteamOS for All receives new cell processing and HDR support

SteamOS for All receives new cell processing and HDR support

ChimeraOS is a custom gaming distro based on SteamOS that brings Valve's Linux operating system from the Steam Deck to everyone's desktops. In the latest version 45, ChimeraOS has received a very comprehensive makeover with a new kernel and the latest graphics suite. The modifications are primarily aimed at classic desktops, but also take into account a large number of current laptops.

ChimeraOS 45 with Linux 6.6 and Mesa 23.3 offers HDR support

The new basis for ChimeraOS 45, which like SteamOS is based on Arch Linux, is the current operating system kernel Linux 6.6.10 (“linux-chimeraos 6.6.10-chos1”), which is supported by the updated Mesa 23.3 graphics stack. 3 and one version 0.28.0-3 updated OpenGamePadUI is supported. For the first time ever, HDR support can now be found directly in the kernel, a fact that owes at least as much to the huge success of the Steam Deck OLED. the Release notes From the development team read the following on the GitHib project page:

Main components

  • Linux 6.6.10 (“linux-chimeraos 6.6.10-chos1”)
  • Mesa 3D 23.3.3 (“23.3.3-chos1”)
  • OpenGamePadUI 0.28.0-3


  • HDR spots
  • Kernel improvements
  • BMI323 driver

Source: GitHub

There is also enhanced support for controllers and input devices for the following laptops:

  • Ayanyu-kun
  • Ayanyu slice
  • GPD Win Mini
  • Ain Loki Mini Pro
  • Lenovo Legion Go
  • One X Player One X Fly
  • One X Player 2 Pro
  • One X Player 2

ChimeraOS 45 can be downloaded directly from the official website website Can be downloaded. A reader's guide from the PCGHX forum community provides further information and assistance with initial setup. PCGH will take another look at the games' distributions in detail and compare them to each other in the coming weeks.