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Steam - 2-Stunden-Rückgabe-Richtlinie wird Entwickler zum Verhängnis

Steam takes action against games and NFTs from the blockchain

With the new rules, Valve bans any content from the blockchain on Steam. The Epic competitor is open to NFT and crypto games.

The basics in brief

  • In the future, blockchain content will not be allowed on the Steam gaming platform.
  • Thus, various games in which NFTs appear will be banned soon.
  • Epic Games seizes the opportunity and welcomes restricted content from Steam.

Valve recently published a list of new rules and guidelines for your sales platform Steam released. It also bans applications and games that are based on blockchain technology or NFT-trade Maybe. A statement from Valve about the new regulations is still missing.

blockchain steam blocks

Soon after the new rules went into effect, the “Age of Rust” developer signed up. Twitter about this subject. Since his game is based on the blockchain, he is directly affected by it.

However, the developer doesn’t seem particularly awkward, communication with Steam has been proactive. Steam’s decision to ban blockchain may be related to the fact that There is no content in the store It may be traded at real value.

Steam’s biggest competitor, Epic Games, now appears to be using this situation to attract new customers. According to Tim Sweeney, Epic welcomes innovation in technology and finance. However, there will also be blockchain-related guidelines and laws on the Epic Games Store.

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