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Steam Deck version is coming!  Now check the compatibility of your games

Steam Deck version is coming! Now check the compatibility of your games

You can use the Valve tool to see which games are compatible from your Steam library.

Steam Deck will finally go on sale on February 25 – at least for first pre-orders. Because the laptop cannot be bought regularly in stores at the time of release.

If you want to buy a copy sooner or later, you should use the new tool to check beforehand if your games in the Steam library are compatible at all. Posted for this purpose valves Now the corresponding tool is online. You can use the Steam page to test which games you can play on Steam Deck without any problems and which ones not. Because not all Steam games are currently working properly.

Steam library is divided into four categories

How can I test this? On test page Simply sign in with your Steam account and your library is divided into the following four categories:

  • Verified: The game works well on Steam with the built-in controls and display.
  • To play: You need to adjust some settings manually to run the title on Steam Deck. This includes, for example, using the touch screen for navigation.
  • Not supported: The game does not work on Steam.
  • Unknown: Valve has not reviewed the game yet.

However, Valve states that most games have yet to be tested and more and more games are coming to the store every day. The sample shows at least that about two-thirds of our games in the Steam library have not been tested yet.

You can learn more about Steam Deck in the GamePro Announcement article:

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Improvement on the horizon: Some of the titles we tested that are not compatible with Steam Deck include Lost Ark, Outriders, and Surviving Mars. But Valve has already announced here that support for these games must also be expanded on an ongoing basis. The team is currently working at full speed to review more and more games. However, this is not a guarantee if and when the games will be played via Steam Deck.

By the way, if you think of the Nintendo Switch when you think of the Steam Deck, you’re not alone:

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Why Steam Deck and Switch Don’t Compare – (We Do It Anyway)

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How do I get Steam Deck? An application invitation will be sent via email in waves. If you have previously expressed interest and registered, you should check your mailbox regularly, because booking ends loudly IGN Already after three days. If your waiting place expires, the next person automatically moves to a place in the waiting list.

Accordingly, no one can predict how long Steam Deck will have to wait at the moment. But apparently, pre-orders for the first wave will only be available for now and additional orders will only be possible again after the second quarter of 2022. At least that’s what they say Store Page from the steam surface. Of course you can still try your luck and sign up for Steam Deck.

What does your Steam library look like? Are there any titles that won’t work on Steam Deck?