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STC players are permitted to train in Fals

STC players are permitted to train in Fals

Happy back in the room (from left): Kevin and Justin Dang, Rifle Brach and coach Niklas Niemchik.

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Badminton: The NRW School of Sports is a talent base in the German Federation

At STC Blau-Weiß Solingen, there is no thought for regular club training in the hall these days. Olympic athletes are permitted to train again in federation-approved youth training centers. Since Friedrich-Albert-Lange-Schule (Fals) has been classified as a talent base by the German Badminton Association, four athletes from Solingen’s staff have the right to enter the hall.

Kevin Dang is a member of the national and national U-17 team. His brother Justin is part of U16 squad, Rav Brach is a member of U15. In addition to the three players at STC, Fynn Ohliger, who has been competing for TV Refrath since 2020, is also allowed to train again. He is in the 8th Fals Category and is also a sports player.

STC coach Niklas Nimczyk goes to the Fals Sports Hall with Talent three times a week. “High-level sport is only possible in Germany through a strong school-club partnership,” says sports scientist graduate and coach A Christian Sonnenberg, who directs Fals students in early school training as part of the NRW Sports School. “An integrated approach is also an important prerequisite for successfully attracting young talent,” adds sports coordinator Henrik Reherr.

NRW Sports School has made it its mission to promote competitive sports, particularly through collaborations between the school and sports clubs. “This connects more children emotionally with sports and supports athletic achievement within the school setting,” says Daniel Serta, Competitive Sports Coordinator at Team Waltz.