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State election: Pframa: Dorner is in fifth place on the FPÖ list

State election: Pframa: Dorner is in fifth place on the FPÖ list

NE/PFRAMA. During the meeting of the FPÖ District Council on November 16, 2022, the list of candidates for the FPÖ in Gänserndorf County was unanimously approved.

1st Labor Division Dieter Dürner (Chairman of the Party of the Region)
2. Thomas Wiesinger (GR and local party boss Spannberg)
3. Silvia Richelle (regional press officer and leader of the local party, Ekartsu)
4 – Herbert Pimp (GfGR and local party leader Lacy)
5 – Patricia Postel Turk (Radical Resistance Movement and local party leader Marchik)
6. Thomas Sticha (GR and local party chief Hauskirchen)
7 – Brigitte Salameh (GR and local party leader Strasshof)
8. Gottfried Garolin (probably the local party boss Gänserndorf)
9. Andreas Hausner (GR UnterSiebenbrunn)
10. Matthias Hettinger (GR and head of the local party Deutsch Wagram)
11 – Franz Bonicz (GR Engelhartstetten)
12. Martin Bauer (GR and local party leader Dürnkrut)
13. Harald Zagler (GR Hohenruppersdorf)
14. Herbert Morlasits (GR and local party chief Leopoldsdorf)
15 – Peter Vlasak (Gaensendorf)

Dieter Dorner, party leader of the Ganserndorf district, will be fifth on the state list.

Dorner: “I feel very proud to be a top 5 place on the state list in FPÖ Lower Austria, and I look forward to continuing to fight for Gänserndorf’s most important issues in the next legislative term. I will not continue my tireless fight for a full state clinic Gänserndorf – which would go hand in hand With enough registered health insurance professionals—and don’t deviate from my demand for better living conditions for traffic-jammed commuters and noise-stricken residents. Our region finally needs a positive development in transportation, be it public or private transportation.”