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Starting tomorrow in How 2 Escape, escape together

Starting tomorrow in How 2 Escape, escape together

Just For Games and Breakfirst Games are excited about the new trailer for their co-op escape game How2Escape an offer. The trailer showcases the first gameplay elements that players can look forward to.

How2Escape It is an asymmetric cooperative game in which two players try to escape from a difficult situation with the help of teamwork. One:r takes on the role of Emy, who is desperately trying to escape from a speeding train that is inevitably nearing the end of the tracks. While the other player, as her brother Johan, tries everything to help her escape. While the Emy:in player has to make his way through the train and find clues on a PC or console, the Johann:in player gets the solutions to save Emy through the companion app directly on a mobile device or PC. Only with good communication and quick thinking can the two solve all the puzzles together and save Amy from her fate.

this How2Escape:

  • Communication is key: in How2Escape Players must communicate and work together to find a solution.
  • 7 carts, many puzzles: Each of the seven carriages is filled with intricate puzzles, all of which must be solved in order to get to the next carriage and eventually to the locomotive.
  • Time is running: Amy’s time is limited, because only if all the puzzles are solved together and all the clues are found will she have the chance to escape her fate.
  • Two-player co-op mode: Players on PC and consoles are trying to escape. They are backed up by a second player who receives the evidence needed to escape via the companion app on a mobile device or on Steam.

The companion app for the second player is free to play App Store (iOS) and in Google Play Store (Android) is already available and can be downloaded to play a free trial of the game. Tomorrow’s release will also make it available for PC.

How 2 escape It offers accessible options for color blind gamers, so everyone can experience an exciting adventure. The game will be released tomorrow, August 31, 2023, on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. More information is available at: